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IP Talkback Wall Speaker (IP Talkback Wall Speaker)

`- IP SoundPoint One Way/Talkback wall speaker- PoE (802.3af) - No local power required- High efficiency 8 (203mm) speakers- Durable electrostatic powder coat finish on metal surfaces- Output level 103 db/1 meter- AUX output supports Valcom amplified...

1,199$ USD 799$ USD
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SL2100 IP Quick Start Kit (SL2100 IP Quick Start Kit)

`- (1) BE116491 - SL2100 Chassis- (1) BE116496 - SL2100 CPU Card, pre-loaded with:- Email Notification License (BE116751)- (2) SIP Trunk Licenses (BE116745)- (2) SIP Station Licenses (BE116746)- (4) BE117453 - SL2100 Self-Labeling IP Telephones

2,249$ USD 1,499$ USD
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